Enouno, a Carinarnica cultural hub initiative, is an online map of Nova Gorica and Gorica that serves as an online exhibition of creative interventions into local public space, and provides material for a related real-space exhibition on creative interventions and art in public space.

Isolation measures, border closures among them, have veiled our gaze on public space. We had became closed in our homes and our communal spaces were deserted. But even without extraordinary measures the public space of Gorica and Nova Gorica requires more life, diversity and an innovative future.

Can we even speak of one Gorica? A border divides the cities, a border that is currently closed, a border that carries a long history and many stories. Its existence is unambiguous, for one cannot close the border if there is none. If only with difficulty we will get sight of the one city, should we continue to speak about division, co-existence, border, even if open? We are one city: plural, multicultural, multilingual, but always one.

Enouno is an online community map that collects past and future events, happenings and any cultural aspect of the area. The specifics of artistic interventions will provide a new point of view and create a better common awareness of both frequented and abandoned spaces in the urban realm.

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